About the Prints

Piezography prints

Piezography inks and software represent excellence in black and white fine-art printmaking today. By only utilizing monochrome inks, this process becomes the answer to traditional printing.

Piezography is a truly neutral tone process by using 7 shades of gray (instead of combining color with monochrome tones). The subtleties in tone exceed those possible even in traditional silver or platinum based darkroom prints.

The piezography pigments produce zero metamerism and there is no gloss differential between the printed surface and the paper. The process allows for incredible sharpness and higher d-max and more importantly give a sense of depth to the print unlike any other process. The carbon based inks combined with the archival papers we use achieve the highest longevity possible today.

For more information on Piezography please visit : http://www.piezography.com

Archival Pigment prints

All archival pigment reproductions are exclusively printed by the photographer. These prints are made using an Epson Stylus Pro 7880 wide format printer utilizing Ultra-Chrome K3 pigment based inks.
These inks combined with the fine art paper Hahnemuhle Photorag 308gsm (used for  prints), yield a life expectancy of over 100 years without visible fading.

Printers like all tools they require more than a press of a button to yield outstanding results. Advanced field techniques and balanced post processing methods are only two more parameters that help complete the "picture".

Archival pigment prints meet museum standards and are only dispatched after rigorous inspection.
These prints can now also be ordered already matted and framed. Please note that framed images will only be shipped within Europe.

Archival C-Prints

C-Prints are produced using traditional photo-chemical process utilizing chromogenic materials. These prints will be printed on a Fuji Crystal Archive DPII paper, which holds the highest life expectancy of any chemical paper at over 75 years.
These prints are produced by a fine-art professional photographic lab. Please note that this process is not available for black and white photographs. No size restrictions apply for this print process.
Additionally C-Prints can be ordered mounted on Aluminum with or without acrylic glazing.

Limited Editions

Limited edition prints have a set number of reproductions, plus 3 artist prints. When the edition becomes sold out no further prints will be produced for that specific image and size.

Archival Pigment prints are signed and numbered. C-Print and Archival Pigment buyers of larger format prints will also receive also a certificate of authenticity at a later date.

The certificate contains details relating to the specific edition, date photograph was taken, date print was made, number of edition, number of print, title or number of photograph, signature of photographer.

The Papers

Hahnemuhle Photorag 308gsm
Is a Matte paper and it is considered the finest art paper in the market today; almost to be expected by a company that has been making papers for 425 years. The Photorag 308gsm produces amazingly smooth rendering of tones, D-Max and Gamut and excellent brightness. This paper is equally ideal for landscape color photography and black and white prints. The Hahnemuhle photorag meets full giclee standards, combined with K3 inks.

Fuji Crystal Archive DPII
This is a silver halide color paper with a glossy finish, providing image collectors with an outstanding alternative to the Hahnemuhle paper. This Fuji paper is the only chemical paper with such a high life expectancy, holding its color brilliance for over 75 years. This paper is renowned for its incredible sharpness, natural tonal transitions and stability, as well as excellent highlight detail rendition. This paper is only suitable to colored prints.

Purchasing a print

To purchase a print simply look for the BUY button underneath the selected image. Proceed to a selection of  size, paper and framing options (if applicable).

Shipping and Handling

Once an image is printed and dried, it is rolled with a protective acid-free thin sheet. It is then placed inside a round rugged architectural tube (for large format prints) or rigid envelopes (for small prints). All shipped photographs are fully insured and prints will be replaced at no extra cost, if received damaged in any way. Please contact us if you would like more information about print guarantees.


Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery in Europe and 3-4 weeks worldwide. All prints are prepared on a per-order basis.
During periods when the photographer is travelling no print reproductions can be prepared and will be printed upon return in the priority  the orders were received. For such exceptions a note will appear above each selected image stating the delays.